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Mike Messmer
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As the Development and Managing Partner for Mountain Ridge Condominiums, Mike Messmer brings nearly two decades of working and managing real estate and commercial properties.  Messmer has spearheaded the development effort for Mountain Ridge Condominiums, bringing with him the experience of restoring and remodeling properties into high market value condition.  He has become known within the industry for his ability to rebuild commercial and residential properties and continues to leverage his industry knowledge with his proven track record for discovering the next big real estate project.

Messmer has served as the President of Emergency Restoration Specialists, Inc., a flood and fire restoration firm since 1990.  In this capacity he has overseen the redevelopment of over 3,000 restoration and modeling projects for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Michelle Cheverie-Morris
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Michelle Cheverie-Morris is the Sales Managing executive for the sales at Mountain Ridge Condominiums and has a celebrated sales and management career in the real estate market.  Michelle oversees the sales for Mountain Ridge Condominiums, establishing an interconnecting community of residents.  With many years of experience in connecting buyers with their homes, Michelle is a visionary of trends and an expert in the real estate industry across the Southwestern United States.
Rental Manager
Paul Cheverie
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Paul has overseen the entire development of the project from start to finish.  He has an extensive background in commercial operations.  Paul has successfully taken over many restaurants in the USA and Canada and taken them from failing businesses into successful multi million dollar ventures.  He has been a general contractor to expedite the buildout, marketing and customer relations.  Being experienced in commercial and residential renovations, we are very proud to have Paul’s expertise on our team!

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